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International Cycling Group of Guangzhou, China


Welcome to GZcycle!

We welcome cyclists of all ages, gender, nationalities and skill levels to our group.

What started in 2002 with a few expatriates getting away from the day to day stress at work on some weekend cycling excursion on the outskirts of Guangzhou has turned into a larger group that gets together regularly on weekend road rides, and participates in local bike races as well as organized cycling trips.

Our motto is "the more the merrier", thus we would like to encourage anyone that is interested in cycling, particlar road cycling to join our group.

We meet up every weekend in most cases on both Saturday and Sunday for our bike rides. We start fairly early and the distances vary from 30km up to 200km. You can find details to the rides and how to get there via the page "Our Rides".



contact us: gzcycle@gzcycle.com

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