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About GZC - Guangzhou cycle

We are road bike enthusiasts that get together on regular bike rides in and around Guangzhou, the capital city of Guangdong province in South China. We also travel occasionally to bike events throughout China and in Asia.

Established in 2004 we welcome cyclists of all ages, genders, nationalities and abilities who want to enjoy the dynamics and team spirit of riding in a group. We encourage riders of all levels to join us and promote teamwork, which embodies the true spirit of cycling.


Our rides are scheduled throughout the week, all year round, even in colder weather or when it is raining. Every month we publish a riding plan on our WeChat communication platform. To learn more and get access to this information click below and join us.


City Rides

You would not think that riding in such a large metropolitan city is possible and can be fun. Join our regular early weekday rides, monthly City Fondo or Sunday Social rides in Guangzhou.

out of town Rides

Get in touch with nature in less than a one hour car ride out of Guangzhou. Challenge yourself going up stunning climbs along various routes and longer distances while out on the road with your friends..

social events

We do more than just cycling. A community would not be complete without the regular social gatherings. Chatting about past rides and planning next adventures.

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We love cycling and our goal is to grow the cycling community in Guangzhou through inclusion and diversity. 

We encourage the true spirit of cycling!